We are proud to be able to provide multiple services and deliverables to our clients throughout the construction process.

Design-Build & Engineering

Boneso Brothers manages projects throughout the entire design-build phase and utilizes CAD drawings which we create internally as well as subcontract out in the process. We manage throughout all of the phases in a project, ensuring that all of our plans are cohesive with those of the general contractor and the other subcontractors on the job in order to meet the owner's expectations and deliver the project on time and within a budget.

Fabrication Shop

Boneso Brothers produces a wide range of products in the prefabrication stage  of construction. Through the innovation and utilization of fabrication for all phases of construction and for all disciplines of the piping & plumbing industry, our company becomes more efficient, allowing our team to meet the owner's scheduling needs and to be able to meet critical timelines and schedules.


For years, Boneso Brothers has utilized the Building Information Modeling (BIM) 3D process to allow us to apply precision to our design-build and pre-fabrication processes. Coupled with our talented and experienced employees and our fabrication ability, the BIM process allows them to coordinate our HVAC and plumbing & piping systems in an accurate manner producing a precise and successful outcome.


We are happy to be considered one of the finest plumbing operations on the Central Coast and throughout the state have had the opportunity to work on many projects with recognizable companies, general contractors and owners. Regardless of our size, our team has the capabilities, bonding capability and are financially able to, and drive to, complete any plumbing system from the design stage to the construction stage regardless of size or difficulty.


We are able to provide our clients with state-of-the-art HVAC systems. We utilize technology to create a complex HVAC system and install it successfully. The ability to be able to provide this along with complete plumbing and mechanical systems allows us to be your full service contractor for future projects..

Hydronics Systems

Medical Gas/ OSHPD

Our employees are highly trained and hold medical gas certifications. Here at Boneso Brothers, we maintain our own high standards and follow OSHPD standards to ensure the highest quality medical centers are constructed and medical gas is safely installed in these centers.

Process Piping

We have completed a number of process piping systems for wineries and manufacturing facilities.

Building Automation Systems

Controls are a deliverable that Boneso Brothers has and will continue to provide to their clients by subcontracting out the process to experienced and trusted control contractors as well as work with owners proprietary control company.

Waste Water

Boneso Brothers installed the first vacuum waste water system for the California State Prison system at Salinas Valley Mental Health Facility. This system will be used as a template for other projects in the State Prison system and we are proud to say we have helped pave the way to more sustainable waste water systems.


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, more commonly known as LEED, is a certification awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council. Boneso Brothers has completed multiple projects that have been recognized as matching up to LEED standards including current and previous projects that have met the Platinum LEED designation.